Frustration of all kinds


Frustration is all around us. Today more than ever, I think. I’m choosing to use frustration to my benefit and if I can’t do that, I won’t let it get in my way. I refuse to let it get me down or take over my life. And in today’s social and political climates, that’s tough to do. Even with my watermelon/grape Ritas. Trust me. I’ve tried. (And Budweiser is thanking me profusely for my efforts.)

I’ll start with the political to get it out of the way as quickly and as painlessly as I can. I am frustrated with our apparent inability to speak to each other about political differences with true civility and tolerance. Both sides of this issue accuse the other of being horrible and of possessing a lack of civility and both are correct and are equally as guilty. How’s that working out for us?  Being mean to one another and refusing to hear another person’s opinion does nothing good. Nothing. You can’t learn. You can’t understand. You can’t empathize. Plus it makes you look like a blockhead. So why not just listen and HEAR? I’m working on this and trying to calm my initial inclination to beat the opposing opinion over the head until submission occurs.

My next frustration is this stupid thing. I get no results, despite having trying all the “tricks” they suggest, up to and including putting myself out there and making actual effort with men I don’t know. If you know me at all, you know this is definitely out of my comfort zone and not something I’m happy doing.  So, I’ll ride out my 6 month membership and move on with my life. I’m not upset by this at all. It’s apparently just not my gig. I’m happy being by myself and happy with my life as it is.

My last “frustration” for this week isn’t really a frustration, per se. But an inability to help when I wanted to. Some/many of you may have seen my post on Facebook about my trip home from Connecticut this weekend. In NJ, on I95 (worst.highway.ever), I drove by what I initially thought was a brown paper bag blowing in the wind. As I passed it, I found it to actually be a mama duck and a few babies zipping along, up close to the jersey barrier, clearly terrified. I couldn’t safely pull over so I continued driving, starting to cry. Yep. Cry. How insane and ridiculous is that?  So, after a minute or so of completely uncharacteristic tears, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t let it go. I woke a sleeping Rachel up and made her call the state police to come get the ducks off that horrific road. I don’t know what happened or if they are ok, but I feel like I did what I could, which wasn’t much. That frustrates me. But I did the best I could and I need to accept that and not beat myself up. Won’t help, now will it?

So, that’s all I got for this week, my dudes. No more frustration allowed to enter. I’m going to focus on the stellar review I got at work this week and my upcoming adventure to California.

Peace, my peeps!!

Frustration Cure

(Don’t do this. It hurts. Unless you have a plethora of ‘Ritas to aid with the pain.)


More Adventures!!

Adventures II

So, my dudes… these are not EPIC adventures like India and the Maldives or Australia will be, but they are adventures nonetheless.  And I’m proud of myself for participating in them, as dumb as that sounds. Anxiety has ruled my life for a long time, and I’ve not ventured out past the boundaries of my comfort zone until recently. Even with the help of the ‘Ritas.

Adventure I – A work trip to Chicago was my first adventure. My friend went with me, but I had to get myself to and from my conference and then figure out where to go once I was there. And I knew NO ONE there and this conference location was HUMONGOUS. So, I forced myself to make friends. Two new friends and it was a lot of fun. We did an escape room together, which we accomplished in 3 minutes. Woot woot!  So, Adventure I down.

Adventure II – Is going to be going to see a psychic with a friend of mine this month. I’ve always wanted to do it but never pushed myself to make it happen. Thanks Jaime!! This will be awesome!

Adventure III – My friend Kristy introduced me to the music of JJ Grey and the Mofro recently. They are bluesy and I wasn’t prepared to find myself loving them. But I do. A lot. And my anxiety has refused to allow me to fully enjoy the crowds and loud sounds of a concert, so I’ve missed out on a lot. In the spirit of leaving the comfort zone in the dust,  I bought front row tickets and I’ve talked Lisa into going with me. Ladies night out! I would add a video of them here, but my stupid WordPress plan doesn’t allow it which is annoying. Check them out at the link below. THANKS KRISTY!!

Adventure IV – Rache and I did a little mini road trip this weekend to her school to pick up her parking pass for the upcoming semester. We left earlier than anticipated so we had some extra time to hang out. She drove and took me around to see her new sorority house which was awesome. We ran to the school store and did a little retail therapy, which may have resulted in a job for Rachel on campus…. VICTORY!!!  We were hangry by then so we had a really great lunch in a bar in town. Then to dinner at a fantastic Italian place and a local ice cream shop to finish off the day. When we went to get the parking pass bright and early on Monday, we ran into half of her sorority sisters so I got to meet her “big” and a bunch of others I’ve heard about. This was awesome, and the girls were really nice and inclusive with me. (I’m old and annoying… what college girls want to hang out with the likes of me???)

And that is where we stand as of today, but I’m continually on the lookout for new adventures. Input is always appreciated, as are “adventure buddies”. Unless you try and convince me that jumping out of a perfectly good plane or off a perfectly good bridge is a good idea. No way, Jose. Not. Gonna. Happen.

I will end this week’s bloggo by posting this picture, which is my final word to my anxiety going forward.


Peace my peeps!!!

Travel, Travel & More Travel


This is my new mantra. I swore to myself that once Rachel left for college, I was going to travel. A lot. Anywhere and everywhere I could afford to go. Some with her, and some without. I have a ton of things on my bucket list that I need to accomplish. I won’t ever forget that my mom died before she could go on her dream trip to the Galapagos (the Galpados, according to her, when she emailed us about it), so I won’t let that happen to me.

First up is to Northern California to help my sister with her move. Rache and her boyfriend are coming along to help with my nieces. I’m very excited about this as I’ve never been to this part of California and her new house looks GORGEOUS. Should be a lot of fun. Me and my seester shall be getting our drank on together. 🙂

Next up is India and the Maldives in January with my friend Neila. Tickets and hotel in the Maldives are booked. This trip is a dream trip on many many levels. Neila is awesome and total fun. I met her in college at USF and we’ve been friends ever since. We are going to see my friend/brutha from anutha mutha, Alan, who lives in Bangalore. I haven’t seen him in a few years so this is beyond exciting. Plus he’s hilarious and we’ll laff a whole hell of a lot, I predict. And getting our day drank on as well. (I think a theme is happening here with my travel.) Day drinking can be dangerous. Photos can be taken and posted on social media when least expected. Stay tuned for this joyousness.

This is the resort we will be at in the Maldives. I can’t even wait.


After this trip, I am pretty sure we’re going to Turks & Caicos in March with my brother and his wife. WOOT WOOT!! Another bucket list locale. Rachel found a pup dawg rescue there which allows you to take dogs out for the day to the beach and hang with them. Total fun!!  Too bad we can’t take the TTT with us. Lyla would love it.

Then I may be able to go with another friend to Cancun as her “travel buddy” in January 2020. Hopefully this works out, because I’d love to go!!

Last thing on the agenda so far is a trip to Australia when Rachel graduates college. Sydney and Alice Springs are on the itinerary so that hopefully I can go see my pal Roger the kangaroo at the Kangaroo Sanctuary.  This is Roger. I love him. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me.


So that’s it for now. Lots of fun on the horizon. I’m determined to see as much of this world as I can in the time I have. There’s too much amazingness to miss out on by staying in my safe space.

Peace my peeps!!!!


Ailments & Dating Adventures


Many of you know, I’m approaching the half century mark. It’s not exciting me that much. And now I seem to be falling the hell apart, and that’s thrilling me even LESS!  I whacked my elbow on something (I think it was a door-jam, but I can’t be sure) and now my arm hurts like hell to bend. Then I wake up one day and the heel of my foot feels like a knife is in it when I put it down to take a step. I didn’t injure it, so I don’t get why it hurts all of a sudden. What the actual hell is going on??? I’m not a good patient at all, and it frustrates me when I’m not 100%. So to hell with this nonsense!!!

I’ve always been much like my mom. Healthy as the proverbial horse. Broke a leg and a finger, and had the requisite chicken pox, and I get the occasional migraine, but that’s about it. I’ve lost weight (not nearly enough) and I’m out breaking a sweat with doggo the TTT every single day when the weather is good and I’m in the gym on the treadmill when it’s not. Now that I’m turning 50, I don’t want to be the old woman sitting around with her cronies (Heather and Lisa, are you reading this??? ) in their rocking chairs complaining about all of her ailments. Good Lord. I’m not going to a doctor either. Not until I’m either dying or need to go get my shots for the India/Maldives trip that’s coming up in January. (yes, by the time I post this, it will be official – I will have my tickets for the trip!! Thank you, Carol!!! And Neila… I cannot wait to go on this adventure with you!! )

So, enough with health issues. That’s boring. The good stuff. Dating. Well, it’s NOT good stuff. Not really.  It’s exhausting. But in a weird way, cathartic. I am taking much advice from my peeps and from things I read and hear. I was told to constantly update my profile, so I do that. I “like” a bunch of guys that I think are maybe contenders every time I get matches. I reach out to ones that I find interesting. This week’s debacle is a Hungarian dude who lives in D.C. I ask him questions, and I get yes and no answers. No elaboration. It’s like pulling teeth. Moving on. Quite honestly, guys…. I’m definitely not giving up. But I won’t settle and in truth, if I don’t find someone, I’m ok with that. I’m comfortable and happy with my life and I don’t feel it’s incomplete. So, it’s all good either way. A good experience if nothing else. One more adventure, in a list of many…

Peace, my peeps…..


Humanity & Kindness – Sprinkle That Shit Everywhere


Hey peeps… been doing a lot of thinking (for a lot of different reasons… one of which, if you know me at all,  I’m sure you can guess) about our humanity and the lack of kindness I see around me right now. Both seem to be in short supply right now. And it shames us all.

Why are we tolerating this ? Why are some of us even encouraging that behavior?

Lemme tell you, peeps…. one of the main tenets of my parenting style over the last 19 years has been kindness. I’ve told Rachel since she was old enough to understand that one of the only things she can do that will really piss me off and cause some serious repercussions in her world is to be unkind to me or to someone else. I won’t tolerate it. And I’ve had to work on that with my own self, truth be told. I tend to cut off those who do what I perceive to be unforgivable things to me or to Rachel, with no chance of forgiveness or explanation. I’m working on it. I’ve also taught her to give to those less fortunate. She once found a $5 bill in a parking lot, and promptly, with no words from me at all, handed it to the guy who filled our gas tank in NJ. I almost cried.

My daughter recently had a very close friend say something terribly unkind to her about my dad’s death. They didn’t speak for a while, as Rachel is much like her mama in these matters. Until her friend’s beloved doggo passed away. Rachel came to me and asked what she should do about this. Address it, or not? What I said to her is that you shouldn’t do something (or not do something) that you will regret later on. And that sometimes, we have to be the bigger people and forgive and help someone who may not have been good to us in return. Rachel did the right thing and got in contact with her friend and did what was right. And she’s happy she did. She and her friend have reconnected and made peace.

I think doing for those less fortunate is not only essential for the betterment of the world, but is also essential to our own selves as human beings. It makes us feel good. When I do these things, it brings a sense of peace and purpose to my mind. And we do these things, not to get anything in return, but simply because it’s the right thing to do and it’s the KIND thing to do.

If I’m to be honest here, I will say that I’ve not always been a fan of my fellow man, in a general sense. I would rather help animals or the environment, that can’t help themselves. But I’ve found myself focusing more on people lately. Our country is doing some things I find to be inhumane and cruel, and I won’t be a willing participant. Helping those affected by natural disasters and wars, who have had no choice in the outcome of these disasters and the devastation they would exert on people’s lives, is our duty. We are a country rich in just about everything and we can afford to share and SHOULD share. Political refugees and those homeless/jobless due to natural disasters need our help and we need to provide it as best we can. There should be no question of this.I donate now to more than animal charities. We all should give and do what we can. Always.

So, we need to do better. We CAN do better. We will do better. Or at least I will. I can’t speak for all of you dopes. 🙂

As a humorous end to this somewhat serious blog…. the ridiculous online dating I’ve entered into. Good Grief… it’s exhausting. This week’s experience is this:  I was contacted by a younger dude from NJ. So, I thought, “What the hell? Why not?”.  I answered him. We talked via text for about 10 minutes after which he informed me that I was “negative” because I don’t have many sunglasses-less photos of myself (I DETEST my picture being taken) and that he was sure I didn’t like him so we should just part ways. I was a little stunned and replied that I liked what I knew of him in the 10 minutes we’d talked but beyond that, I’m not sure what he wanted of me. So, we stopped talking. This is one of the many reasons I like my grape and watermelon-ritas and my doggo. They don’t act dumb. They aren’t needy (welllll…. the tater tot thief is REALLY needy). And I don’t have to talk to them about nonsense. Or anything, really.

So that’s it… peace to you, peeps… and be nice, ok?



Fake News

Fake News

How do we tell what is and isn’t “fake news”? Good question, my peeps, and an exceedingly difficult one to answer in the current climate. My recent dealings with a cat-fisher guy (full of fake everything) and even part of my blog last week, showed me that there are many many types of fake out there. People. News. Business. Media. Etc.  My question to you specifically is… should we be continuing the cycle of “fake news” by posting things or repeating things to others that end up being not true, even if we WANT them to be true? Should we investigate and verify before we post? If we find out it’s fake after we post it, should we remove or correct it? Should we own up to the fake-ness but keep the post up?

I will be totally honest here and say that I’ve been guilty of posting incorrect memes and news stories.   I will say I remember deleting a few posts for this very reason. I don’t want to push my own political agenda on to any one else in any way via incorrect facts (I don’t really want to push my political agenda on to anyone in any way, really). I cannot say with 100% certainty that I’ve deleted ALL of those posts though.  I have recently read an article (which I cannot verify nor remember where I read it) which quoted Trump as saying that basically, he just spouts lies that further his agenda often enough and with enough authority that eventually, his followers accept them as the truth. He made it sound pathetically easy to manipulate people. And sadly, I can’t disagree with him on this one thing. At least not from what I see and hear out there.

Or, there’s context…. I recently confronted someone I know to be on the opposite end of the gun debate from me about gun show gun sales. He informed me, with LOTS of authority (quoting the NRA website nonetheless) that the sale of guns at gun shows accounts for a very small proportion of gun sales over all in the U.S.  Well, folks, this is true. HOWEVER, of that small percent, 96%, yep NINETY SIX PERCENT, are related to gun violence incidents. Hmm… context may have been valuable. And when I said that to this guy, ***Crickets*****.

Listen, peeps… who has time to verify EVERYTHING that’s floating around out there? And HOW do you make sure it’s 100% accurate factually or contextually?  That said… I think we DO have a responsibility to at least try and make sure we aren’t posting and aren’t repeating incorrect or damaging information without at least attempting to verify it’s veracity. And I think that if we get caught with our proverbial “pants down”, we have a responsibility to remove the post or correct what we said.  I think the truth is becoming more and more flexible and ambiguous in today’s society, in a time when we desperately need it to reassure and educate us.

Off my soapbox for now. Waiting for this dumb rain to end so that I can sit my pale fat ass at the pool every weekend. And they DRINK at this pool!!! It’s like my dreams have come true!! If only this pool were not up north, and maybe in FL or somewhere warm.  So, pray for sun and warm weather this weekend, my peeps… or I shall be all sorts of a cranky blogger next week!!  No one needs that nonsense, let me assure you.

P.S. UPDATE: The dating site thing is not for the faint of heart, my peeps. I am exhausted by it already. And my bullshit tolerance is reaching an all time low.

Peace, my peeps….

Poolside drinks

A Couple Thoughts


First… this online dating thing…. soooo much fun… Can you hear the sarcasm? If you know me at all, there is a LOT of sarcasm involved.  So, I’ve been asked out twice in the last few weeks. Once by a catfisher guy. DELETE. And then by a seemingly very nice guy. He was normal. And I was excited to meet him. But then came the “are you all in?” and the “is your mind open to this?” questions. A lot of these questions. Over and over again… Listen, guys, I’m almost 50. A half decade, one marriage and some boyfriends later…. and this experience tells me what I do and don’t want.  If I wasn’t open to this dating thing, I wouldn’t be talking to you, dude!! Stop asking me that. So, I got irritated and annoyed. Delete (this time, more nicely and with some warning).

I’m giving Match a six month statute of limitations. As I’ve said, I have a low tolerance for nonsense and I’m seeing a LOT of nonsense. Like 30 year old boys wanting to connect. No thanks, boys…. I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to train you right.  It’s why I don’t own a puppy.

So, my peeps… I’m asking a favor. PLEASE help me out and find me someone so I don’t have to deal with this online crap anymore. lol   I may run out of patience before the 6 months is up. There aren’t enough Graparitas in the world to offset that nonsense.

P.S. I did try a couple other sites for this, with even less success.

On to my next thought… and I’m injecting some politics in here this week, as this one just blows my mind and makes my heart bleed. There are almost 1500 missing immigrant children right now. Torn from their parents arms…. literally. And no, skeptics… these people came here the RIGHT way, trying to do this legally and to make a better life for themselves and their families. Now these kids are MISSING!!! How does this happen? How do we LET this happen? WHERE are these kids???  Is anyone looking for them?? Devos thinks its ok for schools to report any questions of immigration status. Never mind this is against the law (yep, our Secretary of Education is that dumb… an oxymoron, no? Pun intended). And meanwhile , the same day the news of the missing kids breaks, Trump’s daughter posts pictures of herself and her beautiful blonde kid looking all happy with not a care in the world. These people have no sensitivity chips. Not a one. Nor any desire for one. THEY. DO. NOT. CARE.  Not about us, not about these immigrants whose lives they have essentially ruined. Not about anyone or anything except money.

November is coming, and I, for one, plan on voting them the hell out of our White House. It sure as hell isn’t theirs. Our White House doesn’t stand for this, nor does our country, nor does our flag. We are embarrassing ourselves on the world stage. I know this to be true as I’ve spoken with people from around the globe. We are a laughing stock and no one trusts us anymore.

Vote, my peeps, when the time comes. Vote your conscience. I sure as hell am.

Peace, my peeps.


Juggling… and not the fun kind


This was me for almost the past 20 years of my life. Without the cheery smile much of the time (Rachel can attest to this, plus Beeritas were not invented yet). I’m happy to say that things have changed for the better in the past few years. I had to make the difficult decision to move from CT to PA for two reasons… one, because I knew my job was coming to an end and two, because CT was simply just too expensive for me to try and sustain this juggling act.

So I made the leap and dragged my kid away from everything she had known her entire life to a new state, new school, and new friends. And a new job for me. She ended up successfully, sometimes tearfully, finishing public school and going on to college. I ended up in a job that turned out to be NOTHING that I anticipated with a commute that was not conducive to a happy Libby or a happy Mom or a happy Rachel. The VERY positive part was that my BFF, Lisa, and her family live here so that helped smooth the transition for us both. And gave me a drinking partner who loves both of us and Beeritas (and prosecco if I’m being completely honest) in equal measure.

Initially, the juggling continued. I had a minimum 1 hour commute each way to work every day, and if there was traffic or weather, it could take hours. Which made me cranky and angry and not easy to be around for my kid. I had to recover financially from my stint in CT which took a few years. Again… made me cranky and stressed a lot. This is my biggest regret. Rache didn’t see the best of me during a really rough time for her. She struggled socially thru high school and I couldn’t be the support she probably needed. But in spite of me, that kid got thru it and succeeded. Thank God for her. She is my hero.

Looking back, I would say this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in the long run. I miss my friends in CT terribly. I miss our parties on my deck and at my friend Beth’s house, our gatherings at the beach and at the “magic table” (Donna, if you’re reading this, I’m still pissed we lost this).  I miss calling my peeps and saying, “Let’s have wine and apps”.   But I have a different life now. Not better or worse. Just different. And I can’t regret that. I’m happy, my kid is happy, we have this ridiculous doggo and a nice roof over our heads (that comes with a pool I can drink at!!).  I cannot complain. And I won’t.

Peace my peeps!!

Upended Life

Catfishing & Not Conceding Defeat


Yep. The Australian dude was a catfisher. One of these scammers who basically try and hurt you in a myriad of ways. Some concrete, some not. But thanks in LARGE part to my friend Valerie and her ability to ferret out this nonsense, I am saved. Thank you, Valerie!!!

Honestly, this experience almost (yes, ALMOST) made me give up on this online dating thing.  But, first, conceding defeat is not in my nature, and second, my daughter refused to let me. If you know me at all, I have a very very low bullshit tolerance. And this dude was total and complete bullshit. A big steaming pile. Sent me a picture of “his boss”, “by mistake”. Asked if I was planning what to wear for our first date, as “first impressions are so important”. Then the final nail in the coffin, he asked for my email address so he could “email me a copy of our lunch reservation”. Good Lord. I must have stupid tattooed on my forehead. Or maybe he does. But the deleting and blocking commenced and all is well now.

Second guy I talked to, when I asked how many kids he had (normal question when you are getting to know someone, right?), asked why that mattered and when I didn’t respond to all his messages instantaneously (because I MUST be sitting on my sofa waiting for some dude I don’t know to acknowledge my existence), said I must not be that interested. I seriously must attract the crazies.  In any event, if nothing else, this is a great exercise in figuring out what I do and don’t want. Mostly don’t, so far.

I did go on a small adventure this weekend. We took a bus trip to NYC for $45/person (I can’t drive and park there for that money!!!) on Saturday. We met some friends from CT and RI and had a blast!! I had some sort of allergy attack so I wasn’t 100% but it was a great day seeing my friends once the rain stopped trying to drown us. My one friend and I want to go to the Bronx Zoo so that may be another adventure for the summer.

The last thing I want to talk about, and I haven’t included politics at all recently (in order to retain my sanity), is voting. We have our PA primaries tomorrow. As soon as Rachel turned 18, she wanted to vote so this is her first experience with it. We are both very very excited to do this as we strongly believe that the current administration does NOT have our best interests at heart. We believe they have forgotten they work for ALL of us, and not just their own party supporters. So, we are both voting tomorrow. If you have primaries in your area, please please please VOTE. Nothing frustrates me more than hearing that one vote doesn’t matter. It DOES. And nothing will EVER change if you do nothing. Doing nothing = complicity.


Peace, my peeps!! And don’t let the catfish bite!

Scary Stuff, My Peeps…..

Comfort Zone

I’ve been focused on this since last week’s blog about dating. Dating MAY be one of the scariest things I will do in the second half of my adult life. Now, this is NOT to say that I plan on bungee jumping or sky diving or anything…. Not a chance in hell, my peeps. I see no reason to jump off a perfectly good bridge or out of a perfectly good plane. That’s just messed up. But I DO plan on challenging myself. As we all should.

My scary things for this week:

1. First thing I did was join and I have a friend, Valerie, who has been keeping me up to speed with these sites. She’s had some success and some failures so I’m learning from her. THANK YOU, VAL!!!  The funniest thing I’ve found so far is that although I told them both in no uncertain terms that I don’t want matches from over 25 miles away, I get them every day from all over the country!!! lol  It’s hilarious. And a little frustrating, if I’m being honest. I’m not taking a plane to go on a date, peeps. I’m fairly certain there are single men here in PA. At least I thought so. These sites may prove me wrong. Going out on an actual date, if it comes to that, will cause me to have an apoplectic fit of epic proportions, but I will persevere. And God help me, I won’t end up chopped up in a suitcase, the way my daughter is afraid of. And by the way, my teenage daughter is now providing some very wise dating “counsel”. I’m kind of afraid of her and she’s the expert with a boyfriend of over a year, so I’m doing what she says.

2. A longtime friend of mine found a guy that I “dated” (if you can call it that at that age) when I was in like 2nd grade in NJ on Facebook. She texted to alert me to this discovery as he is single.  I am 100% certain he does not remember me, but I took the leap and “friended” him anyhow, and sent him an inbox message to remind him that I’m not a crazy stalker, and that we actually did know each other back in the day.  He accepted my friend request but didn’t respond to my message. All good. He may think I’m some crazy old stalker lady, but I’m proud of myself that I did it.

3. On Match I went and “liked” a bunch of different guys. Some I’m sure are out of my league, but I’m ok with that. Can’t hurt to take a chance, can it? So far, I’m talking to a couple guys… one telecommunications network engineer and a cop. The engineer is originally from Australia, so this is kinda cool. I shall update when and if things progress from there. (You will most likely hear my aforementioned apoplectic fit.)

4. Last minute addition. The place that Rachel and I used to volunteer for, Faithful Friends Animal Society contacted me on Saturday morning about fostering two mama cats and their NINE kittens. Well, me being the giant dumbass that I am, agreed to this madness. These kitties are now comfortably ensconced in Rachel’s room with their nine nuggets. Mama’s decided to destroy Rachel’s room on Saturday night, but have since regained their minds and are behaving. Let’s all pray, my peeps, that this trend continues. Yep. I’m terrified of these kitties. All of them.

So, up next is a trip to Chicago for work. My friend is meeting me out there, but I’m doing the majority of the trip alone, which is a scary thing for me. I’m going to a HUGE conference there, and I will know NO ONE. I have to find my way from my hotel to the conference. It’s a lot of logistics and unknowns which gives me a LOT of anxiety. But I will DO this and make it my bitch. I swear on all the Graparitas in the land that I will. And I will get to hear Jeb Bush speak, which if you know me and my politics at all, is an interesting development. More on that later.

The point is this… I’m trying really hard to do things that scare me as much as possible. I’m old. I don’t like being scared. My confidence is down with this dating thing.  And I don’t like being uncomfortable. So this is hard. REALLY hard sometimes, but I believe it will be worth it in the end. Let’s do this together, my peeps. It’s always better when you have support, no? And after a long hard day of doing scary stuff, we can get together (via text, email, FaceTime, etc.) and have some wines or Graparitas together and discuss. It can’t be ALL bad, if we share our scariness, right? Plus wines and ‘Ritas always help. I know it. And if you need dating advice, my daughter is available. She appears to know what she’s doing.

Peace, my peeps. The world can be scary, but not so much if we do scared together.